Have you ever puzzled who your favourite reality TV star is dating? Well, within the case of Kail Lowry from the hit present "Teen Mom 2," her dating life has been a subject of curiosity amongst fans for quite a while. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Kail Lowry’s love life and see who she is currently dating. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

Kail Lowry’s Journey on "Teen Mom 2"

Before we dive into Kail Lowry’s relationship life, let’s quickly recap her journey on "Teen Mom 2." Kail became identified to the world when she first appeared on the show as a struggling teenage mom. As the series progressed, viewers witnessed her growth and willpower to supply a greater life for her children. Through ups and downs, Kail’s journey has been one of resilience and energy.

Previous Relationships

Over the years, Kail Lowry has had her justifiable share of romantic relationships. Here are some of the notable ones:

  1. Jo Rivera: Kail’s first love and the father of her oldest son, Isaac. Their relationship was tumultuous and resulted in a bitter breakup.

  2. Javi Marroquin: Kail’s second marriage was to Air Force member Javi Marroquin. They have a son together named Lincoln. However, their marriage additionally ended in divorce.

  3. Chris Lopez: Kail’s most up-to-date important relationship is with Chris Lopez, the daddy of her third son, Lux. Their relationship has been on-and-off, with loads of drama alongside the method in which.

Is Kail Lowry Currently Dating?

Now, the burning query on everybody’s thoughts: Is Kail Lowry presently dating? As of the time of writing this text, Kail is indeed in a relationship. She is courting a man named Dominique app DatingScope Potter. Dominique isn’t a stranger to the public eye, as she has appeared on Kail’s social media posts and made public appearances along with her.

Who is Dominique Potter?

So, who exactly is Dominique Potter? Dominique is a woman of many skills. Apart from being Kail Lowry’s love interest, she can be a proficient artist. Dominique’s paintings showcases her distinctive type and creativity, and she or he has garnered fairly a following for her expertise.

Kail Lowry and Dominique Potter’s Relationship

Kail and Dominique’s relationship has been going robust for a while now. They usually share glimpses of their life collectively on social media, giving followers a peek into their love story. From cozy date nights to adventurous vacations, it is clear that Kail and Dominique share a deep connection.

What Makes Kail Lowry and Dominique Potter’s Relationship Work?

The key to any successful relationship is compatibility and understanding. In the case of Kail and Dominique, their shared interests and help for each other seem to be what makes their relationship work. They both value art and creativity, which offers a powerful basis for his or her connection. Additionally, they have been by way of comparable experiences as moms, which creates empathy and understanding between them.

The Impact of Kail Lowry’s Relationships on "Teen Mom 2"

As with any public figure, Kail Lowry’s relationships have made an impact on the show "Teen Mom 2." Her previous relationships with Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin had been documented on the show, giving viewers an inside look into their ups and downs. While Kail’s relationship with Chris Lopez wasn’t absolutely showcased on the present, snippets of their dynamic have been offered.


In conclusion, Kail Lowry’s dating life has been a subject of curiosity among followers of "Teen Mom 2." From Jo Rivera to Javi Marroquin and Chris Lopez, Kail’s earlier relationships have been well-documented. Currently, Kail is in a loving relationship with Dominique Potter, a gifted artist. Their connection appears to stem from shared pursuits and experiences, making their relationship work. As Kail continues to grow as a mom and an individual, her dedicated fanbase eagerly follows her journey, together with her love life.


  1. Who is Kail Lowry dating currently?

Kail Lowry isn’t at present dating anybody. As of her newest public statements and social media updates, she is having fun with being single and focusing on herself and her children.

  1. Who was Kail Lowry’s recent ex-boyfriend?

Kail Lowry’s most recent ex-boyfriend is Chris Lopez. They share two children collectively, Lux and Creed. However, the couple broke up after facing a number of challenges and deciding that they were higher off co-parenting quite than being in a romantic relationship.

  1. Did Kail Lowry date Javi Marroquin?

Yes, Kail Lowry did date Javi Marroquin. They obtained married in 2012 however sadly divorced in 2017. Together, they share one son named Lincoln. While they’ve had their share of ups and downs, they proceed to co-parent and keep a cordial relationship for the sake of their baby.

  1. Has Kail Lowry ever been in a relationship with Jo Rivera?

Yes, Kail Lowry has been in a relationship with Jo Rivera. They were in a long-term relationship during her early years on the fact TV show "Teen Mom 2." They share one son collectively named Isaac. Although their romantic relationship ended, they’ve managed to co-parent successfully and maintain a constructive friendship.

  1. Who was Kail Lowry’s first husband?

Kail Lowry’s first husband was Javi Marroquin. They received married in September 2012 after a whirlwind romance. However, their marriage resulted in divorce in 2017. Despite their divorce, they have labored on their co-parenting relationship and proceed to help one another in elevating their son, Lincoln.

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