You can download the Test-King products on the maximum number of 2 computers or devices. If you need to use the software on more than two machines, you can purchase this option separately. Please email if you need to use more than 5 computers. Transform your team through best-in-class, vendor-certified IT and process training, delivered in classroom and online by our award-winning trainers. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential helps organisations identify and develop talent with critical knowledge related to implementing cloud initiatives.

  • The course also includes some practice questions to help you pass the exam.
  • Amber is a Software Developer & Technical Trainer with numerous industry certifications.
  • PRACTICE EXAMS Prepare for your next AWS Certification with a voucher that qualifies you for a free practice exam.
  • Improve theoretical and practical skills needed in real-world scenarios.
  • A cloud architecture for mission-critical workloads in AWS which must be highly-available.

This AWS course is an inch deep and a mile wide, covering storage, network, database, and security services, cloud architecture, and access management. Importantly, it also covers both the business and technical sides of the AWS platform. With visibility into both sides, this AWS Technical Essentials training provides a valuable bird’s eye view over not only AWS services but the cloud economy as a whole. The courses in this path will teach you the fundamentals of cloud computing, review the core AWS services, will provide an introduction to security and architecture on the platform.

Salary of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The course instructor for this lecture is Mr. Andrew Brown. Andrew has previously been the CTO of several Ed-Tech companies and has 15 years of experience in the industry and 5 years working with cloud specialists. The course starts by looking at some of the sample questions that discuss the concepts found in this study guide. Then you will be guided on how to check the questions and manage your time throughout the test. This is a beginner-level course offered by WhizLabs.The course has 9+ hours of video content spread across 112 video sessions and about 390 practical questions. This course was created by Neal Davis, a highly accomplished solutions architect with significant experience with AWS.

This will be your go-to place to find the latest AWS Cloud best practices and resources anytime in the future. By enrolling today, you’ll also get to join our exclusive live online community classroom to learn alongside thousands of students, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors. Browse virtual and digital offerings to support your AWS Partner training, certification, and accreditation goals. If you feel confident in an answer the first time, don’t torment yourself by flagging 15 questions and potentially giving incorrect responses. Essentially, you pay $100 to sit for the exam, and can reschedule up to 2 times before you are charged.

ITAM + FinOps: A Unified Approach for IT Cost Optimization

Knowledge of core AWS services and use cases, billing and pricing models, security concepts, and how cloud impacts your business. Each test contains many unique questions which will surely help you verify if you have missed out on anything important that might appear on your exam. You can also pair our practice exams with our aws certified cloud practitioner Exam Study CLF-C01 Guide and Cheat Sheets eBook. For all practice exams, you get a breakdown of results for each knowledge area category so you can evaluate your performance and understand your strengths and weaknesses. It’s really helpful to familiarise yourself with the type, format and style of the AWS exam. That’s why we offer practice exams that closely match the exam pattern and difficulty and are the most similar to the real AWS exam experience available.

Make sure that you go into the exam energized and focused. Even though I finished in about 20 minutes, I was hyper-focused on every detail, including the wording, of the questions. As someone who is making his first foray into Tech, I am always looking for ways to give me an edge, and demonstrate that I have the ability to learn new things quickly and effectively. I have been advised several times recently to look into sitting for a Cloud certification. Due to the fact that AWS is the industry-leading Cloud Services Provider , I decided that the AWS CCP was a good place to start. They also act as a bridge between the technical and the business sides of cloud adoption in an organization.

Covered Topics

You can start learning right now and if this course isn’t everything you expected, we’ll refund you 100% within 30 days. Plus you’ll learn exactly what makes AWS so powerful and popular, including security, elasticity, scalability, global reach, and the economics of AWS. Most importantly, you will learn from a senior industry professional that has actual real-world experience working with and teaching AWS. Learn about security within the cloud environment using the multi-tiered architecture built throughout the previous three episodes. Explore our learning paths grouped by role, solutions area, or your APN Partner needs.

If you’re looking for high-quality certification training that will fully prepare you for your AWS Cloud Practitioner exam – our Ultimate Training Package is for you. For exam mode and training mode you will be presented with an overall score at the end of the exam with a pass/fail message. Sure it may not sound like the most exciting information, but it’s a key part of the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam, so you need to understand it just as well as any other piece.

Read the exam questions properly, but don’t spend too much time on a question you don’t know the answer to. Distractors, or incorrect answers, are response options that an examinee with incomplete knowledge or skill would likely choose. However, they are generally plausible responses that fit in the content area defined by the test objective. A few days before your exam, you can choose to reread all the whitepapers or rewatch the video lectures, or you can simply study the reviewer you made. Since the AWS CCP is not meant to be technical, the exam itself should be straightforward.

aws certified cloud practitioner

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